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The poll results are in...
--Action/Adventure 10 (52%) Romance 2 (10%) Comedy 5 (26%) Horror 0 (0%) Don't have one 2 (10%) Total votes: 19--
Looks like nobody likes horror, but neither do I. It depends, though. People have different opinions on what is horror and what is not. There's like medium scary, really scary, and just lame. And then there's movies that just couldn't really be anything else, so they threw it in the category. Some films are just not meant to be liked e.g. "saw" series. If you like that stuff, I've got a counseling site link on the page here for you. In other world news, some guy found a toad as big as a small dog (2lbs.) in austrailia. You'd think it would be in kilograms. The final spiderman 3 preview has been released, it is only 3 minutes but shows a lot of new cool stuff like venom (at www.spiderman3oncomcast.com). The movie premiere is in Tokyo(?!?). Also, plastic shopping bags will be no more in San Fransisco. If the mayor signs it. I don't really care if he does or not. I'll try and put a new poll up today, so start feeling very opinionated! This was Web News (not brought to you by anyone).


Update on the the TZ

If you are a spiderman fan or just looking forward to the movie, you will be happy to see the new picture of venom. It is kind of dissapointing, though. I was hoping he would be bigger, and have big teeth and all that. Oh, well. For anyone who tried the fuel my blog button and it didn't work, I fixed that little bug. Squashed it. Anyway, I'll put up a new poll today, so if you haven't voted and want to, you should do it soon.


Web News!

Today in Web News: i now have over 200 on the hit counter thanks to people like you! (once again for those who are new here, the first 2 digits just make it look cooler.) On the Official Twilighter Zone web page, Pacman is now there, and a little redesigning, with classics like Sonic and more in the game widget there. Also, in Oregon, my current state of residence, a "prehistoric" crocidile-fish beast has been found. Hmm... fraud, reality, or publicity stunt? It apparently came here from asia, they can supposedly tell because of the rib arrangement or something. This conjures up memories of Lake Placid. Those of you who know what i'm talkin' about, know what i'm talkin' about. Anyway, until next time this was Web News (not brought to you by anyone).


Poll's Open

There is now a poll on The Twilighter Zone. Vote and make your opinion known. Comment here if you have suggestions for new polls. Not that I don't have any ideas, but then you could vote on what you want. If you're lost, it's at the top left of the page. Vote happy!

New Website

If you haven't already noticed, the new Twilighter Zone website is up, and the link is on the top of the link list, on the left column of the page. It is not replacing this site, but there are some fun game links there, (I haven't tried them yet) and I will be adding more later. Please comment on the website with questions, suggestions or whatever.


St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I hope you are wearing green. I'm not. Well, good luck, shamrocks and all that.


100th anniversary celebration!

Celebrate!!! I now have 100 hits as of now... just happened to be here... the first 2 digits just make the counter look cooler, only the last 3 are accurate. I suppose I could be considered a blog pro now. Interesting.

Halo Fans, Rejoice!

If you have played both Halo games, you know that the weapons in the second one sucked compared to the first one. But, in Halo 3: Finish the Fight, the original assault rifle and magnum are back. Along with a new quad, the human equivalent to the ghost. And the Halo movie is still far, far away. (pardon the star wars reference.)


Real Life Batmobile... Sort Of.

If you thought th Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegerra* was fast, (0-60 in 3.8, 573 hp) try this on for size: the Bugatti 16.4 Veyron boasts 1,001 hp, and 0-100km/h (0-60) in 2.9 seconds... Faster than a McLaren F1!!! It has 16 cylinders, four turbochargers, carbon fiber chassis, all-wheel drive, 7 speed semi-manual dual clutch (0.2 seconds between gears), and a one-million euro price tag. About 1.4 million USD. Amazing.

*Posted about on this blog March 7, 2007

p.s. I would put the awesome photos of this here, but for some reason, the photo-adding service isn't working. Sorry.


Bored of your XP?

If you want a fresh look for your XP, look no further than wincustomize.com.* You can download changes to your windows, task bar, start menu, buttons, etc. It is free, but most of the programs run out after 60 days or something. But, it's as easy as just downloading it again!

* The Twilighter Zone is in no way affiliated with wincustomize.com or its partners.


New "300" movie out this weekend

The Greco-Persian Wars come to life in this epic film about the bravery of the hard-core Spartans.


New Lamborghini Is As Fast As Ever

The new Lamorghini Gallardo Superleggera does 0-60mph in just under 3.8 seconds. It has 573 HP, and weighs 3,152 pounds. Need I say more?

Marvel Kills Off the Cap

The comic giant Marvel recently killed Captain America in their story, comic book hero since the '40s, by a sniper bullet. This is defenitley unexpected news for fans, but I don't know what it means to the rest of us. Hmm.


The Mummy Returns... Again.

Apparently, there are plans for the third movie in the mummy franchise with Brendan Fraser. Nothing is set in stone yet, though. All I know is somebody needs to stop waking up that dang mummy! Of course, he fell into hell ( or whatever that place was ) in the last one, but you never know. If this does make it to production, Oded Fehr ( the Magi protector dude ) is not currently planned to be in the movie, as the story does not call for his character. I just hope they don't mess up what was already good.


Free iPod Games!

For owners of any incarnation of the famed media player (except a shuffle) who want to have some more fun than solitaire and brick but don't want to pay Apple's $5 price, you can go to www.ipodarcade.com*. The games are word games, like quizzes and zork style games... for example: you see a tunnel to the left, and you choose to go in or go somewhere else. They are great time-killers, and they're free. You can even make your own quiz game on this site. Enjoy!

*This website is in no way affiliated with ipodarcade.com.



I now have the Spiderman 3 preview on the site (at the bottom of the page), and the movie is coming out on May 4, 2007. Find out more at www.spidermanmovieblog.com, or the official marvel site by www.spiderman.com.

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