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Livin' it up on Live!

Hey everyone, it's been a while. I am on Halo 3 xbox live now, if anyone wants to play me my profile is KrakenKiller117. To play me add me as a friend then invite to a game. You'll probably beat me, I'm not that good. Anyway, to answer a question, the invincibility trick does work, but only for around 10 seconds. Here is a video that shows all skulls and terminals. Happy hunting!


Skulls and Snowballs...

Well, winter's coming in soon, and you know what that means! No, not more time for HALO, it's time for sledding, snowball fights, all sorts of things. Well, and HALO too. So, here are some more HALO 3 tips.

Some skulls that are not mentioned in the guide, if you have one, are the grunt birthday party skull, which makes grunts explode with confetti when you headshot them, and the cowbell skull. This makes explosions bigger. The grunt birthday party skull is in level 2, in the pipes. The blind skull, which takes your HUD, is in level 1.


Halo 3 Tips and Hints!

Check it out... I've got the lowdown on the greatest entertainment release in the history of Earth. Here are some good tips on Halo 3 campaign and multiplayer.

-to get invincibility, kill a brute chieftain from a distance with a head shot weapon so he doesn't see you. Run to his dead body and pick up the invincibility.

-When you have a Spartan Laser, use four shots (it only has five) on high value targets such as wraiths, turrets, and chieftains, then give the Laser with one shot left to a marine and protect him. He will have infinite ammo for it and take out vehicles for you the rest of the level.

-A great combo is dual-wield a Spiker with a Plasma Rifle. Also, dual Spikers is good.

-Another use for the Deployable cover is to block off a small passageway, to stop enemies that can overwhelm you like Flood or Drones.

-Spike grenades will stick to enemies, but unlike plasma grenades will also stick onto walls, ceilings, etc.

-Flamethrowers will easily dispatch pure form Flood, but will only set the combat forms on fire, while they continue to run at you.

-The Hornet never appears standard on a map. Use custom game settings or Forge to bring it in.

-When playing Capture the Flag, bring two people over to the other base on a Mongoose, have the passenger jump off and throw a flare down to temporarily blind the opponents, and run out with the flag. Back up the Mongoose with a Ghost or Prowler perhaps.

-The Spartan Laser is the ultimate anti-air weapon, aside from the Missile Pod. The Missile Pod is a portable turret, and as such will slow you down, and be hard to find. The Rocket Launcher does not lock on any more.

-The Needler is no longer dual-wieldable, but it is more powerful.

-Use trip mines against opponents, vehicles, and plant on spawn points.

Any HALO 3 questions? The Twilighter Zone will answer them.


The best game ever...

You know... of course I got it. You know what I got. I would have posted about immediately, but I had to play it. HALO 3!!! The best game in this universe. It's awesome, I got it on the 25th. If you haven't played it yet, get over to someone's house who has it right away. There are a lot of new features that were not advertised such as a flamethrower, a fourth type of grenade, which is an incendiary grenade, and about a dozen equipment objects. Usually, I would have been the first to report on something like this, but I have school and I spent any time that I would have spent on the computer on my new Xbox 360 Elite edition. Anyway, I still haven't beat the game yet, but I will answer any questions about HALO 3 that anyone has. See ya!

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