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Microsoft: international party poopers

Hey everyone! Here's a Halo update. As some of you may know, the Halo movie, rumored to be in production, is no longer being funded. It may never come about. Good news is, Halo Wars is coming out next year and Bungie is working on another unnamed Halo 360 game. Peter Jackson has switched focus from the aforementioned movie, to this game. I don't know about the validity of that picture of a Halo DS game, but being a DS owner, it would be at the top of my list of games to buy. Word is, Bungie was working on Halo for other platforms, but even though they recently went independent, Microsoft is still holding on to Halo licensing rights. Way to ruin it for everyone again, Bill. Oh, well. At least I've got Halo 3.


Almost there...

It's almost Christmas, and for a little present I put an annoying flash game under the posts. Next year, around February, the new Force Unleashed game is coming out. It takes place between episode 3 and 4. Here's a preview if you haven't seen one.


The Glorious Return (for good) of KrakenKiller! a.k.a. the merciless Mandalore

WOOOO! Hello, websurfers. I hope you haven't strayed too far in my short reprieve. I have done much, I have conquered entire countries. Well, not real countries. Anyway, I will reign once again as king of the Twilighter Zone. With the hit counter repaired, this ship of coolness is ready for takeoff!

p.s. click on the "secret" link in the random corner. Don't laugh too hard, I don't wanna be liable for split sides.

Oh, here's a topic to talk about: who would win, Spartan IIs, or clone commandos?

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