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Quick update 4-13-09

It's snowing in April. The pirates got pwned by the Navy. There's a new Zelda game, something about a sky train. Same "Wind-Waker" guy. Gettin' tired of that. Oh well. Foo Fighters rule; they are releasing a "greatest hits" album this year. Beware the mist. Krakenkiller out.


Set Sail for Fail!

For the first time in 200 years, a ship flying the American flag was seized by pirates. This just shows how far this pirate problem has gone. The crew fought and took back the ship, but the captain is still a captive of the Somali pirates. 

Now is a great time for mercenaries and bounty hunters, with these nebulous enemies, the government wants deniable assets to take down ringleaders who are hiding in areas where a full military assault might not be wise. So, if any of you are considering being a Mattias Nilson or a Boba Fett, now's the time; especially with the "rewards for justice" the U.S. govt. has going.


New Post

I wasn't feeling imaginitive when I thought of the title, but just updating the blog to keep it current. Halo Wars is cool, but I got jipped and didn't get the flaming warthog for pre-ordering the game. Watchmen was cool, but gay. Read my review on the KGC. Anyway, I just finished watching the tv show "Jericho". It is the best show I've ever seen, and I watch Lost, 24, and Prison Break. Jericho was cancelled after season 1, but fans sent 20,000 bags of nuts (you have to see the show to understand) to protest it, and a second season was filmed, but was cut off after 7 episodes, because it suggested that the government might not have our best interests in mind, and actually might be controlled by corporations. Anyway, this was a great show, and I'm glad it didn't go further actually because it had a great ending. Unlike Lost, which just goes on and on, I don't care if it's only 2 or 3 seasons, just tell me the answers! Don't keep adding mysteries and confusing us further (teleporting islands?!??!1). I think the writers just want to kill as many characters as possible, and when they can't think of a remotely reasonable explanation for bringing in a new character, they just bring the old ones back to life. I still watch that show, though. Anyway, I reccomend Jericho, and the second season is even better, but you have to watch the first one to get what's going on.

Krakenkiller out. Beware the mist.

Samus Aran

Samus Aran
Bounty Hunter from the Metroid Prime series

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