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Important update...

I was going to change this url, but all other options are taken. The url is still www.twilighterz.blogspot.com. Also, I have some sweet videos going up here soon, like the Halo 3 preview, which I'm sure most of you have seen. But, BIG news, I am posting the preview to... Halo Wars, the Halo RTS!!! Oh Yeah!!! The preview is very cinematic, and as far as I know, it is only on Xbox 360, unfortunately not on PC. Funny, because most RTS games are for PC. It takes place before the destruction of Reach, for people who know their Halo lore. A.K.A., before Halo 1, which means you get to command Spartan IIs! Additionally, the Halo movie was supposed to come out next summer, but was indefinitely postponed when Universal and 20th Century Fox backed out of the deal. Peter Jackson, the executive producer, said (paraphrase) that they will see the potential in a Halo movie when they see the Halo hype. E.G., when Halo 3 comes out. So, I don't know when that movie is coming out. Halo 3 is coming this September 16, I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.

P.S. There is a surprise video at the Twilighter Zone web page when I get it up. Don't miss it!


One Grand!!!

You know, I might have given out a prize to the person who was hit 1000, but it was me. Yay me. But, finally 1000! Officially in the big time. But, I qualified the moment I started, of course.

Update on the the TZ

It's been a few days, and I believe it's okay to be French now. Maybe not. But, next week is Independence Day, and also the same day that Transformers the movie comes out. I am adding Digg buttons to my site, I hope they work, unlike the fuel my blog thing. Another history thing, WW1 started today in 1914, and ended today in 1919. Well, that would be Armistice Day, now known as Veteran's Day, but today in 1919 the treaty of Versailles was signed, telling Germany they needed to pay for everything and so forth. Am I boring you? Too bad. It is summer, and the pirates online thing isn't up as far as I know. They are late. Oh well, I hope nobody comes to their site. Apparently, China has labeled U.S. the biggest emitter of Co2. Cheney blames environmentalists. Who cares about Co2? One volcano eruption puts out more carbon dioxide than all of mankind combined in one whole year. And those volcanoes go off quite a lot. And another thing... GAS can't put holes in GAS! Example: Co2(carbon dioxide) does not put holes in O3(ozone). Well, that's enough of that, my next post will be lighter.


A bad day to be French...

People who have been reading here for a couple months know when to be a certain nationality. Well, today is one of those days, where history shows the true mettle of a country. Today, in 1815, Napoleon abdicated for the second time. Exactly 125 years later, in 1940, France surrendered to Germany. Hmm. Well, better luck next century, monsuiers.


Update on the TZ...

Well, I saw FF2 a couple days ago. Definitely better than the first one. I was thrown off a little before I saw it by the PG rating, but this movie just shows that you don't need to have PG-13 or R material for a good movie. Silver Surfer was pretty sweet. Also, my birthday was this month! Awesome. Watching Pirates 1 for the first time in a couple years makes me think of how much different the second two movies were. I still like the kraken though. Lots of votes for everyone but Harry Potter. Not that I care. The new Die Hard 4 trailer was at FF2, it was cool. Looking forward to that one! Rock on, Summer!



You know, there are only three kinds of people in this world: those who can count, and those who can't. But enough of that. Oh, what do you call a lawyer buried up to his neck in sand? Not enough sand. Ha! Anyway, just thought I'd say that. If you just can't get your clock to work, just remember that a stopped clock is still right twice a day!



If you like Runescape and POTC, you would have heard of POTC online! Well, maybe not. But I did, and I went to the site. It said coming Spring 2007. Spring is almost over (in 11 days), and it's still not out. Oh, well. But there is a cool desktop ship battle game you can download for free there at piratesonline.com where you name and customize your ship and battle to gain treasure (and rum), on your desktop! Cool. Anyway, that's about it. Oh, and FF2 is out in four days. Keep your fingers crossed! Unless you're the Thing, he might have some trouble with that.



I know... I posted the same thing twice. I posted it once, didn't show up, so I posted it again. And who cares about Paris Hilton!?!

Twilighter Zone ad

This is my new ad. I have to put it on my blog somewhere so it can appear at blogexplosion.com.


Spongebob is human ancestor!

Now I've heard it all. According to "scientists", our nervous systems came from sponges. That's right, sponges. First, they tell us we came from monkeys. Now they say our brains came from sea sponges. One question: how did the sponge get in the monkey's head? Did they live in a pineapple under the sea? Or how 'bout like in POTC 3: "Nobody move... I dropped my brain".

Here's the link to this ridiculously absurd story: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,278696,00.html


Totally forgot! Yesterday, June 6, was the 63rd anniversary of D-day, the largest amphibious invasion in human history. On June 6, 1944, thousands of American, British, Canadian, Austrailian, and Free French troops stormed Normandy beach in Nazi controlled France. D-day is also known as Operation Overlord.


mini web news

Well, if you have a DS from Nintendo, you'll be happy to hear that you can now browse the internet on it, blog, email, etc., from any wi-fi hotspot, free or otherwise. Other nintendo stuff, if you like Super Smash Bros., the new one is coming this summer I think. Go to smashbros.com to see a trailer. Cool stuff! Also, a power surge took out our DSL modem at home, and just got a new one today. I was doing this from an "undisclosed locaton"! Ha Ha! Well, I have a DS and won't have to worry about that now!


quick update...

I finally got around to updating the official Twilighter Zone web page. Not much, but there is now a sidebar with updating car news, very cool. Additionally, now at the bottom there is an old-school mario game. Rock on! So, I invite you to check it out, it is at the top of my link list (scroll down on the left to find it). As always, feel free to comment on what you like and don't like on the site and blog and what you want new. Thanks!

Web News v.3

This month, on the 15th, the new Fantastic Four movie comes out. I certainly hope that it's more fantastic than the last, which was 20 percent special effects, 70 percent dialouge, and 1 percent cool action. The other 9 was the credits. Also, the Apple iPhone is coming on the 29th. Looking at the picture, I'm wondering, "Where's the phone"? I think it's going to be about $499. Not worth it. The same reason I don't want a PS3. I played it at Best Buy, it had incredible graphics, but was slow and glitchy. And $599. I will add the FF 2 trailer to the video bar for anyone who wants to see it.


update on the the TZ

Apparently, the weather thing isn't working. How dissapointing. So, I put in a Lego alien game, and I hope it works. Try it out at the bottom of the page.

Almost Summer!

Hello again, blog readers! Spring is almost over, which means Summer is almost here, which means it's time to harvest the crops! No, school's almost over!!! I don't know if any of the adult readers here are too excited about that, though. Unless you're a teacher. Which brings me to the question, how many of my readers are adults, and how many are kids? Interesting question, indeed. But, I'll never know. If I had to guess, I would really have no clue. On my hit counter it says 600 something, but I log into the hit counter website, and it tells me have like 2000 visitors (last time I checked, almost a month ago)! Oh well, I guess I'll never know. If anyone knows the difference between a hit and a visitor, please let me know. But for now, I'm going with the hit counter.

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