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Lucasfilm's new stuff

To accompany the man in the hat's new adventure next summer, is a Lego Indiana Jones video game! The preview for it shows similar gameplay to Lego Star Wars, and it is also made by Traveler's Tales(TT games). Additionally, fans of the Star Wars Clone Wars series, a new, more realistic series in 3-D has been revealed. The trailer for both of these can be most easily accessed at starwars.com. Of course, next year Indiana Jones Lego playsets will be in stores. Also, here is a good lego mario video.


Heroes in '08

X-men fans, listen up! Wolverine the movie is starting production in November, and is supposed to come next year. Hugh Jackman is playing as Logan, with Gavin Hood directing the film. Other superhero movies next year are Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, and Dark Knight with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne and Heath Ledger as Joker.


Headline: Illegal Immigrant Found With Monkey In Tow

Tuesday, a possibly mentally retarded girl named Dora was caught crossing the border with a monkey and a boy. The boy escaped as Dora yelled "Go Diego, go!". She refused to give up her backpack, claiming that the border patrol was going to interrogate it. After debating the pack's sentience, the patrol discovered that, among other things such as an overly simplistic map, there was marijuana contained in the pack. The officers were about to confiscate the contraband when a fox like creature with a headband "swiped" it away. The only information gained from the interrogation of the bilingual child was that simply yelling "swiper no swiping" at the fox would have averted the fiasco. The boy was found in the desert a few hours later riding a scooter. The detainment methods for the children are being decided, and the monkey was sent to the zoo. The fox was tracked down and shot.

Krakenkiller- Finally, we won't have that annoying show on anymore.

Dog-eat-dog blog

I am testing the new poll feature, and as such there is a new poll under the posts. I don't like the new features that blogger keeps adding. It takes what little challenge out of blogging there is, or was. I had videos here before the video bar, I had polls before the poll feature, news before the news reel, and so on and so forth. It's just a little harder to make a unique blog. So, I suppose in the end, it ups the ante. It's not enough just to have flashy features. It depends on the blogger himself. Challenge the world!


Abounding Anthropomorphisms!

I've just about had it. Talking rats. Talking penguins. Talking dogs. Someone, please make it stop! Disney, what have you done to the world?! The most recent addition to the line of personified animals is Ratatouille, a movie about a talking, cooking rat in Paris. But before I go off about unreal rodents, how about those penguins? Let's see, March of the Penguins in '05, Happy Feet early this year, the spoof Farce of the Penguins also this year, and now Surf's Up, which my little brother has already seen two or three times. Then, the zoo films. Madagascar in '05, then The Wild in '06, and Over The Hedge last year. Now, Underdog (to my chagrin) is coming out later this year. Synopsis: talking, flying dog. Rewind one or two years and you will find a movie titled Good Boy featuring a... talking, flying dog. You all know of the other classic talking animal movies that have scratched, smiled, and slobbered their way onto the big screen. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to have children movies, I'm just saying that we need a break. Once someone popularizes a theme(zoo escape, penguins), everyone hops on the band wagon and beats that poor little idea into the ground until we're all sick.



Well I'm pretty sure that Transformers was the coolest, most action-packed movie of the summer! I saw Die Hard 4, which was good, then I saw Transformers, which was incredible. The effects are mind blowing. I heard that pirates 3 took 300 million dollars to make, so I assume that this cost more, as it was more special effects intensive. As of the 10th, Transformers made $155,405,412 in the U.S. I think. The trend so far of movies getting better bodes well for the Bourne Ultimatum, and later on this year, I am looking forward to I Am Legend with Will Smith, a remake of Omega Man.



Happy 4th, everyone! I know it was 2 days ago, but I've been busy. I saw Die Hard 4, and I thought it was pretty good. It was funny and action packed. The heat is cranking up, I've slept outside it's so hot. A new species has been found of the coast of Hawaii, 3000 feet below the water. It is temporarily called a octosquid. It is a squid with only 8 tentacles, instead of ten. Very weird.


New video

Hello again! The Bourne Ultimatum preview is now up only on the Twilighter Zone web page at the top of the link list.


I have a new poll up today, and will put up new videos, probably tonight. Previews of Bourne Ultimatum and National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets. Plus something else later on the TZ web page! Ha! Transformers is coming out TODAY! Only in my little town. Man, everything comes out early here. Go ahead, whine. JK. Well, this is the greatest movie summmer in memory, at least my memory. Everything! I heard that Die Hard 4 was the best of all of them, and I hope to see it soon. I see they went for the pg-13 rating this time, trying to widen their audiences. That's one way to do it. Bourne 3 comes in August and Nat. Treasure 2 comes out in December.

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