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Follow-up post

Here to answer a few more questions about the Lost video game. It will be for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. This preview should get you excited about it. Also, check the video bar for some new vids.


Pushing the Button

Word is there's a new video game coming out based on the TV show Lost. I don't know about you guys, but I've been waiting for this one a long time. It is called Lost: Via Domus, and you play as a survivor of Oceanic flight 815, called Elliot. The game is played through "episodes" which will feature 3rd person adventure action, and flashbacks of this new character. You will see characters from the show, and discover new mysteries. The game takes you through the events of seasons 1 and 2 from a new perspective. I believe it is coming in February. Also, the Force unleashed is slated to be released in April.



Hey everyone. Don't have much to say, but will soon. I saw National Treasure 2, it's pretty good. If youv'e seen the first one and liked it, then you will like this one. Don't forget about Indy 4, Iron Man, Wolverine, and a new Narnia movie all coming this year as well.

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