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(quick) update on the the TZ

Hi! At the bottom under the posts, there is now a weather widget. I think you can change the area on it. Also, comment if you've memorized pi, and I'll change that little thing down there.


I recently read a thing on AOL calling Pirates of the Carribean "The new Star Wars". At first, I was skeptical, but the similarities are striking! For example, they compared Han Solo to Jack Sparrow. Both are always looking out for themselves, and both owe debts to ugly chracters (jabba the hutt, davy jones). Luke Skywalker and Will Turner both want to do the right thing, and both don't know their father until the second film. They then save their fathers, and both duel their fathers. Hmm. And of course both trios of characters have a royal female, Princess Leia and Elizabeth, the governer's daughter and pirate king in the third one. And, to top it off, both third films started with a rescue of the Jack Sparrow/Han Solo character from Davy Jones/Jabba the Hutt. Weird wild stuff.


Notable? Hardly.

Now I'm not dissing these guy's blogs, but I checked on some of the "blogs of note" at the blogger start page, and I really don't see what they've got up on me. I mean they're good blogs and everything, but they aren't extraordinary, like a certain twilighter zone. (kidding) Anyway, I'm done complaing. I just wish Blogger would give a reason for why these particular blogs are "of note".

Update on the the TZ

Hey, I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial weekend. I did. I saw Pirates 3 again, (why not, right?) and I checked online and discovered that after pirates 3, spiderman 3 still holds the opening weekend record. Many postulate, and I agree because of the rate of decreasing money that spiderman 3 is making, that pirates will make more in the long run. I made a runescape file yesterday, unfortunately the name krakenkiller was taken (I hope it wasn't one of you) so I did krakenkilr. I made a file about a couple years ago, played 5 minutes, and haven't played since. I remembered the password, but not the username! Go figure, huh? I guess it was because of all the numbers it made me put at the end. So, if anyone could tell ne how to get anything better than a stupid bronze sword and wooden shield, it would be much appreciated.


I saw Pirates 3 yesterday, May 24, at 8:00. Actually, like 8:09 or something because I was in the back and some theater employee dressed like a pirate was talking about treasure or something and I couldn't hear what it was about. Anyway, it was cool, but it was weirder than the first or second. No kraken!!! Darn it. Oh well. It was funny, Jonny Depp was crazy as usual. Sailing his ship in the desert with a crew of himself. You'll have to see the movie to find out how that happened. I wonder if it will beat Spidey in the box office. We'll wait and see.


More web news...

Hello again. Today is the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, the first permanent American settlement. I now have a video bar under links i think, if you have requests for videos to put up there, comment on here. I read a review on Pirates, didn't sound spectacular. I hope the Kraken is in it. That would be sweet. EW said the effects were great, but the plot was too complicated. Pretty typical for a third movie, huh? I'm still gonna see it, though. Spiderman 3 still holds the record for opening day and weekend after Shrek 3, but Shrek has done better this week. I'm thinking it will be close with Pirates, but you know how it is, something like Transformers will come out of nowhere and beat 'em all. All those hard-core 'bot fans will come out of the woodwork, or should I say, metalwork. Either way, it won't affect me, I'm just watching the movies.


quick update

Hello, blogreaders, or b-readers. That could have different conotations. We'll just stick with blog readers. There is a new poll, newsreel is at the bottom, and scroll down to find out how to memorize pi. Later.

Whats up? Mostly movies.

Well a lot has happened since I was here last. Of course I went to the midnight showing of Spiderman 3. Definitely best of all three. A lot of reviews panned it but what do they know, right? Pirates 3 is coming out on friday, and in my tiny town our theatre got permission to release it a day early! Yeah! I suppose I should give Shrek 3 a mention, huh? No? Haven't seen it yet, won't for a while. Anyway, who saw the finale of 24 season 6? Don't give me any plot spoilers I've only seen the 1st 4 episodes and am waiting for the rest to come out on DVD. Or Hd-DVD. Or Blu-Ray. What's up with that? I'm stickin' with good ol' cheap DVD. Until it becomes like VHS or Beta. Appearently, Sony stopped making Beta video in 2002! What? Hmm. Some sweet movies comin' out this summer, Die-Hard 4, or live free or die hard with Bruce Willis, and I read that the guy who plays Mac in the Mac and Pc commercials is in it. I'm sure they'll find a way to blow up a windows computer in the movie. Also, spy action movie fans, the Bourne Ultimatum is coming in August. Looking forward to that. Anyway, I'll be posting again soon.


A good day to be British...

Or Scottish or Welsch for that matter. Today, May 1st 2007 is the 300th anniversary of Great Britain. On may 17th, 1707, the Acts of Union came into effect, uniting Scotland with England and Wales, forming Great Britain. Anyway... just thought someone should say something about it.

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