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Today, I have some recommendations. First, games. If you have not played Halo 3, you obviously have been in a coma for the past 5 months. If you have not played Call of Duty 4, you have been seriously deprived, and if you haven't played Republic Commando, then you should requisition it at your nearest video entertainment dealing facility ASAP, soldier! Now, a good movie that you all have likely seen is I Am Legend. But, on the off chance that you haven't seen it, then do so. If you search youtube for mcdonald's rap, you will get a clever and funny video.* It is different than the one in my sidebar. Also, some good reading as far as recent books go, I am almost done with the Republic Commando series. It is a well-done book, but a more than common Star Wars knowledge is needed to understand it. At least see all 6 Star Wars movies and play Republic Commando through, that should do it. Anyway, see ya later. Happy surfing!

*The Twilighter Zone is not responsible for any unexpected inappropriate material come across in any recommended searches.


Man vs. Walmart

This video is a funny parody of Man vs. Wild. I've always wondered in that show if he is actually surviving out there, or if he has a camera crew out there with him. I mean, what if he died? They would have to show that, too. I wonder how much he gets paid. Probably quite a bit. And even more if he's actually alone out there.


Hold on to your hats...

Well, the preview doesn't look disappointing. What preview? This one.


far cry, iron man

Another game and movie update. Farcry 2 is coming out later this year, which should be cool. I've never played the first one, but I heard that it's pretty good. Also, here is another iron man preview, if you didn't see the superbowl.


Just the other day, in my back yard...

This post is mainly to say that Boba Fett is the coolest guy ever. That said, there is a new live action TV show that is supposed to start filming at the end of this year, following the CG clone wars cartoons. The show will feature Boba Fett as one of the central characters and will take place during the almost 20 year story gap between episodes 3 and 4. It is presumed that both Daniel Logan (young Boba from 2) and Temuera Morrison (Jango/Clones) will play him at different times in his life. George Lucas said this will be a darker, grittier view of Star Wars (paraphrase). If you're a big Star Wars fan, you probably already know this, and if you're not, then you probably don't care. Following this train of thought, one would wonder why I am posting about this. I would answer, "Because Boba Fett is cool." Anyway, I have one closing thought. Press button, receive bacon. Enjoy bacon.


Press this button...

Warning! Do not press this button if you are on a diet. Hi! I have been experimenting with different backgrounds, and haven't found one yet. I will upload one of my own creation soon, and see how it looks. P.S. Correction: the Wolverine movie is next year, I believe. Also, the SSBB game is delayed AGAIN!, this time to March 9. Next time, it'll be 2012! P.P.S. Click the picture to enlarge. No bacon will be received.



It's a little bit off, but I just can't contain the excitement. It's the 1st anniversary of the Twilighter Zone!!! Yes! In February of 2007, I began this site. Time really flies. I can't believe it's already been a year. Let's try and beat the annual hit record of about 4,000. In honor of this wonderous occasion, I will be making some cool changes. So, let the celebration begin!

Samus Aran

Samus Aran
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