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So here we are again. I've, somehow, missed another entire year on this skeletal corpse of a blog. I suppose the lesson I should learn from this, we all should learn, is just how fleeting time is and how quickly it will turn us all into skeletal corpses and we really shouldn't wait around because things like 2016 could happen and then the world will actually be in a little bit of trouble and possibly some big trouble, which of course it always was, but now it is to us as well and that's different.

Oh, and a couple of Star Wars films came out, too, that was nice. They were both nice. So that was interesting.

Here's something I made earlier this morning (I haven't slept yet) in MS Paint with only one erase stroke:

This may or may not serve as the crest for this bleeding hole where once was an internet site. The items are, left to right, top to bottom, a severed left hand, a bunch of ripe bananas, a bell pepper, and a cartwheel. On the left is a bear who is standing on a box to get the helmeted person and on the right is one of those skinny lion-dragons medieval folk were all so fond of. Thank you all for watching, and please, do something important, because I sure didn't.

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